For the last few hours I have been getting updates on the changes made to the Hunting Regulations in British Columbia. So many updates – 70 at the time I write this – that it just isn’t possible to list them all. I will try to sort it all out over the next few days and inform all of you what is happening but for now it is just too much for me to digest quickly. I just wanted to inform you that the new 2013 – 2014 BC Hunting Regulations should be available very soon.



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  1. Just for clarification, How soon does “soon” mean – a couple of days or a couple of weeks?
    Also, how and/or where do you find out if the proposals put forward were approved or denied? I guess you could check the new regs, but can you find out all in one place just like the proposals are all in one place?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi,

      I’m told within 10 days. Mind you I was also told by mid to late April as well. Those proposals I copied from the E-mails I got from FLNRO are “adopted” and “will be” part of the 2012-14 BC Hunting Regulations.

      The LEH Regulations Synopsis is now available. I was able to get mine yesterday.


  2. is there a open season for crow in B.C and if so what is the season and daily bag limit .I can’t fin anything in the Regs regarding this .

    • Hi Douglas,

      Short answer – There is no closed season or bag limit on crows in BC. You do need a hunting license and follow the Municipal and Regional By-laws on the discharge of firearms and respect private property. Here is an excerpt from Page 14 of the 2012 – 2014 BC Hunting Synopsis:

      Schedule C

      Schedule “C” animals can be captured or killed anywhere and at any time in BC. Schedule “C” birds may be hunted using electronic calls.


      You do need a hunting licence to hunt the following Schedule “C” wildlife UNLESS you are hunting them on your property or they are damaging your property:

      (a) Corvus caurina – Northwestern Crow
      (b) Corvus brachyrhynchos – American Crow
      (c) Pica pica – black-billed magpie
      (d) Molothrus ater – brown-headed cowbird and the eggs of this bird species may be destroyed.

      I hope you find this useful,



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