So…that new bow sight that you scored a major deal on has finally arrived.  Great!  Now it’s time to mount it on your bow and get it set up so you can start shooting with it and dialing it in for accuracy.

You are faced with two choices here – take your bow and the sight into the nearest pro-shop and pay the tech to install it – or go out there on a limb and do it yourself?  After all, how hard can it be?  Well my answer is “Not hard at all, it’s easy to do!”.

Firstly secure your bow into a bow vise and get it leveled.  Don’t have bow vise?  No problem, you can do it without one.  But if you’re at all inclined to be a D.I.Y.’er you might want to consider getting one.  Examples of bow vises are pictured below.

Apple Bow Vise (approx. $85 USD)

RS Bow Vise (Approx. $160 USD)


Some extra tools (essentials) that you should also consider are the Arrow Level and the String Level, pictured below.  They are invaluable when it comes to tuning work.

RS String Level (approx. $12 USD)

RS Arrow Level (approx. $10 USD)

If such tools just are not in the budget it doesn’t matter, just remove the old sight (if there is one there) and install the new bow sight using the proper Allen wrenches and then tighten the screws – being very careful not to over tighten the screws because the bow riser is made of soft aluminum and the screws are harder steel, you could easily strip the threads.

Once the sight is securely mounted to the bow riser it is time to begin adjusting the sight housing to get as near to center-shot as you can, just by “eye balling” the setup.  To do this, hold the bow out at arms length – or back up a few feet if you’ve got your bow in a bow vise – and while holding the bow perpendicular, look to see if the bow string is aligned with both your arrow rest notch, and the pins of the bow sight.  The string should be cutting the arrow rest notch and the fiber glo-dots of your sight right down the middle.

If it is not then loosen off the windage (or horizontal) nut/screw/clamp and make any small adjustments that are necessary to make the sight pin line up with your bow string.  It should look like the pictures below.

Spot Hogg Real Deal

Trophy Ridge V5 Bow sight

If needs be, you can also adjust your arrow rest windage adjustment so that everything lines up in a perpendicular line – arrow rest notch, sight pins, and the bow string.  Once this is done, tighten all screws or clamps – again being careful not to over tighten the screws.

Now you’re ready to start fine tuning for perfect arrow flight and accuracy.  I’ll cover “paper tuning” and “walk-back tuning” in a later article.


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